TechNet Gallery Retirement

This post was written by Robert Outlaw, Lead Program Manager, Developer Experiences.

The TechNet Gallery has long been a place where our community shared scripts, utilities, tools, and guides for use with Microsoft products and services.

For more than ten years, the TechNet Gallery has hosted over 25,000 contributions from the community members and our Most Valuable Professionals (MVP).

Now it's time to say goodbye to the TechNet Gallery. There's several reasons why we feel this is the right decision to make:

  • Small tools, scripts, and utilities are best hosted with alongside their source code, with transparent licensing and documentation in GitHub projects.
  • Social media and tech blogs have become the primary way that people post and share tips and tools with one another.
  • The migration of MSDN and TechNet to
  • Very low utilization of most of the content on the TechNet Gallery.

We plan to retire the TechNet Gallery in June 2020, and will update this blog post with an exact date once available.

Prepare for retirement

As of today, we are placing the TechNet Gallery into read-only mode. You won't be able to create new submissions, but you can edit existing ones. We encourage project owners to use the project description to point to the new location of their projects if they decide to continue to support them.

When you come to the TechNet Gallery, you'll see a new banner at the top of the page:

TechNet Code Gallery retirement announcement banner

Once retired, all existing links to the TechNet Gallery will redirect to the samples browser. Existing projects will not be archived on GitHub, unlike those that were part of the retirement of the MSDN Code Gallery.

Guidance for project owners

If you want to continue supporting your submission(s) to the TechNet Gallery, you should migrate those to a GitHub project if it is a tool, script, or utility that has source code available.

If the entry is technical documentation or a guide, you should re-host it on a website with an email or social media link readers can reach you at.

We will not be redirecting existing TechNet Gallery links to other URLs other than the samples browser


If you have any thoughts, ideas or comments regarding the content or experiences on, submit them on GitHub or let us know via Twitter.