Asynchronous APIs in the Unity SDK

Asynchronous APIs return a AppCenterTask object instead of returning the result directly, and return immediately instead of waiting for the action to finish.

There are three ways to interact with these methods.

Method 1: ContinueWith

To perform an action after the AppCenterTask's activity has completed, add a callback using the ContinueWith method.


AppCenter.IsEnabledAsync().ContinueWith(task =>
    // Do something with task.Result

In situations where the method has an actual return value, it will return AppCenterTask<{Return Type}> (as in the example above). In these situations, the task parameter in the callback will have a Result property that you can access.

Method 2: Built-in language features

If you're writing code that has access to .NET 4.6 or above, then AppCenterTask can be awaited in an asynchronous context.


bool isEnabled = await AppCenter.IsEnabledAsync();

Method 3: Coroutines

AppCenterTasks are also suitable for use in coroutines.


void SomeMethod()

IEnumerator IsEnabledCoroutine()
    var isEnabled = AppCenter.IsEnabledAsync();
    yield return isEnabled;

    // do something with the isEnabled