C# Frequently Asked Questions

The C# team posts answers to common questions and describes new language features

C# Tea Time

Random ramblings on C#, life at Microsoft, and other technology facets I find interesting.

C#.NET-All things, but most things C#, most things .NET

Just another Technet site

C:>Windows Internals - L'équipe Française de Support Windows



Code, News, CRM, CCF and other good stuff

Cache Distribuído

Um blog sobre "Velocity" e coisas da Nuvem, por Osvaldo Daibert

Cale Teeter

Senior Software Engineer, DX

Calling all Citizen Scientists!

Citizen Scientist

Calvin Hsia's WebLog

thoughts from a professional developer

Cam Murray PFE

Cameron Beccario

NullschoolNOTE: This blog has moved to: http://journal.nullschool.net/

Cameron's Blog - Cravings of System Center

Campus AppsLab

Convierte tus Ideas en Oportunidades

The Canada Microsoft Partner Learning Blog

Canadian Developer Connection

The latest developer news and events in Canada!

Canadian IT Manager's Blog

Broadly connecting Canadian Infrastructure and Development Managers through career, industry and technology insight.

Canadian IT Pro Data Base

The personal ramblings of a data-oriented IT Pro Advisor at Microsoft Canada.

Canadian Mobile Developers' Blog

Canadian Solution Developers' Blog

Canadian Team

Canadian UX Blog

Connecting Canadian UX Professionals. It's all about Technology and a whole lot more!

Canadian Web Developers' Blog

Canal System Center

Canberra Premier Field Engineering: Team Blog

Technical notes from Canberra's team of Microsoft Field Engineers.


Connecting IT Professionals to the latest Microsoft technology via conversation, collaboration and online resources.

Cannot get the security descriptor of mailbox while connecting the disconnected mailbox

Cannot insert an explicit value into a timestamp column.

canthe's WebLog

One Microsoftie's postage stamp on the web

A Canuck In The Machine

Mark Relph - Senior Director - Startup and VC Team

Captain Stack

Captain’s Blog

Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover

Care, Share and Grow!

Troubleshooting tips for IIS, ASP, ASP.Net, SSL and some random thoughts


Carlos Figueira MSDN blog

General thoughts and usage examples about PowerApps, WCF, ASP.NET Web API, Windows Azure Mobile Services, testing and programming in general.

Carlos Santiago's Manageability Blog - Configuration Manager

CarlosAg Blog


Carl's Blog

Carl Nolan's ramblings on development and data processing

Carmelo Pulvirenti's Blog

Everything you should know about .NET and Web Development

Casey @ Microsoft

Pro developer and rock dude

Casey Spiller's blog

Casey the .NET Consultant

Catastrophic Failure "JV"

Mail Flow and Mail Fly somewhere goes or somewhere hide???

Catastrophic Failure "JV"

Mail Flow and Mail Fly somewhere goes or somewhere hide???

Catherine Eibner

Dynamics, SQL, .Net & getting them all to play nicely together!

Cathy Dumas's Blog

cbrumme's WebLog

ccBoy's WebLog

cchamp's opsmgr blog

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