OlAddressListType OlAddressListType OlAddressListType Enum


Represents the type of AddressList.

public enum class OlAddressListType
public enum OlAddressListType
Public Enum OlAddressListType


olCustomAddressList olCustomAddressList olCustomAddressList 4

A custom address book provider.

olExchangeContainer olExchangeContainer olExchangeContainer 1

A container for address lists on an Exchange server.

olExchangeGlobalAddressList olExchangeGlobalAddressList olExchangeGlobalAddressList 0

An Exchange Global Address List.

olOutlookAddressList olOutlookAddressList olOutlookAddressList 2

An address list that corresponds to the Outlook Contacts Address Book.

olOutlookLdapAddressList olOutlookLdapAddressList olOutlookLdapAddressList 3

An address list that uses the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

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