OlCalendarViewMode OlCalendarViewMode OlCalendarViewMode Enum


Indicates the view mode specified in the CalendarViewMode property of the CalendarView object.

public enum class OlCalendarViewMode
public enum OlCalendarViewMode
Public Enum OlCalendarViewMode


olCalendarView5DayWeek olCalendarView5DayWeek olCalendarView5DayWeek 4

Displays a 5-day week.

olCalendarViewDay olCalendarViewDay olCalendarViewDay 0

Displays a single day.

olCalendarViewMonth olCalendarViewMonth olCalendarViewMonth 2

Displays a month.

olCalendarViewMultiDay olCalendarViewMultiDay olCalendarViewMultiDay 3

Displays a number of days equal to the DaysInMultiDayMode property value of the CalendarView object.

olCalendarViewWeek olCalendarViewWeek olCalendarViewWeek 1

Displays a 7-day week.

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