OlRecipientSelectors OlRecipientSelectors OlRecipientSelectors Enum


Specifies the edit boxes (for To, Cc, Bcc), if any, to be displayed in the Select Names dialog box.

public enum class OlRecipientSelectors
public enum OlRecipientSelectors
Public Enum OlRecipientSelectors


olShowNone olShowNone olShowNone 0

No edit box will be displayed.

olShowTo olShowTo olShowTo 1

Only an edit box for To recipients will be displayed.

olShowToCc olShowToCc olShowToCc 2

Only edit boxes for To and Cc recipients will be displayed.

olShowToCcBcc olShowToCcBcc olShowToCcBcc 3

Edit boxes for To, Cc, and Bcc recipients will be displayed.

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