SqlInt16.ToSqlByte SqlInt16.ToSqlByte SqlInt16.ToSqlByte SqlInt16.ToSqlByte Method


Convierte esta estructura SqlInt16 en SqlByte.Converts this SqlInt16 structure to SqlByte.

 System::Data::SqlTypes::SqlByte ToSqlByte();
public System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlByte ToSqlByte ();
member this.ToSqlByte : unit -> System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlByte
Public Function ToSqlByte () As SqlByte


Una estructura SqlByte cuyo Value es igual al Value de esta estructura SqlInt16.A SqlByte structure whose Value equals the Value of this SqlInt16 structure. Si el valor de SqlInt16 es menor que 0 o mayor que 255, se inicia una excepción OverflowException.If the value of the SqlInt16 is less than 0 or greater than 255, an OverflowException occurs.

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