Point.Ceiling(PointF) Point.Ceiling(PointF) Point.Ceiling(PointF) Point.Ceiling(PointF) Method


Convierte la estructura PointF especificada en una estructura Point redondeando los valores de PointF a los valores enteros superiores siguientes.Converts the specified PointF to a Point by rounding the values of the PointF to the next higher integer values.

 static System::Drawing::Point Ceiling(System::Drawing::PointF value);
public static System.Drawing.Point Ceiling (System.Drawing.PointF value);
static member Ceiling : System.Drawing.PointF -> System.Drawing.Point
Public Shared Function Ceiling (value As PointF) As Point


PointF PointF PointF PointF

Valor PointF que se va a convertir.The PointF to convert.


Estructura Point a la que convierte este método.The Point this method converts to.

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