PolicyEnforcement PolicyEnforcement PolicyEnforcement PolicyEnforcement Enum


La enumeración PolicyEnforcement especifica cuándo debe forzarse ExtendedProtectionPolicy.The PolicyEnforcement enumeration specifies when the ExtendedProtectionPolicy should be enforced.

public enum class PolicyEnforcement
public enum PolicyEnforcement
type PolicyEnforcement = 
Public Enum PolicyEnforcement


Always Always Always Always 2

El objeto ExtendedProtectionPolicy siempre se fuerza.The ExtendedProtectionPolicy is always enforced. Los clientes que no admiten la protección ampliada no pueden autenticarse.Clients that don't support extended protection will fail to authenticate.

Never Never Never Never 0

El objeto ExtendedProtectionPolicy nunca se fuerza y la protección extendida está deshabilitada.The ExtendedProtectionPolicy is never enforced and extended protection is disabled.

WhenSupported WhenSupported WhenSupported WhenSupported 1

ExtendedProtectionPolicy solamente se fuerza si el cliente y el servidor admiten la protección extendida.The ExtendedProtectionPolicy is enforced only if the client and server supports extended protection.

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