Page.RegisterRequiresControlState(Control) Page.RegisterRequiresControlState(Control) Page.RegisterRequiresControlState(Control) Method


Registra un control como un control cuyo estado se debe conservar.Registers a control as one whose control state must be persisted.

 void RegisterRequiresControlState(System::Web::UI::Control ^ control);
public void RegisterRequiresControlState (System.Web.UI.Control control);
member this.RegisterRequiresControlState : System.Web.UI.Control -> unit


Control Control Control

Control que se va a registrar.The control to register.


El control que se va a registrar es null.The control to register is null.

Solamente se puede llamar al método RegisterRequiresControlState(Control) antes de o durante el evento PreRender.The RegisterRequiresControlState(Control) method can be called only before or during the PreRender event.


En el ejemplo de código siguiente se muestra un control de RegisterRequiresControlState servidor personalizado que llama al método.The following code example shows a custom server control calling the RegisterRequiresControlState method.

public class Sample : Control {
    private int currentIndex = 0;
    protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e) {

    protected override object SaveControlState() {
        return currentIndex != 0 ? (object)currentIndex : null;

    protected override void LoadControlState(object state) {
        if (state != null) {
            currentIndex = (int)state;
Class Sample
  Inherits Control
  Dim currentIndex As Integer
      Protected Overrides Sub OnInit(ByVal e As EventArgs)
          currentIndex = 0
      End Sub
      Protected Overrides Function SaveControlState() As Object
          If currentIndex <> 0 Then
              Return CType(currentIndex, Object)
              Return Nothing
          End If
      End Function
      Protected Overrides Sub LoadControlState(ByVal state As Object)
          If (state <> Nothing) Then
              currentIndex = CType(state, Integer)
          End If
      End Sub
End Class


Los controles de servidor personalizados que utilizan el estado del RegisterRequiresControlState control deben llamar al método en cada solicitud, ya que el registro del estado del control no se transfiere de la solicitud a la solicitud durante un evento de postback.Custom server controls that use control state must call the RegisterRequiresControlState method on each request because registration for control state is not carried over from request to request during a postback event. Se recomienda que el registro se realice en Init el evento.It is recommended that registration occur in the Init event.

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