ItemContainerGenerator.ItemsChanged Event


ItemsChanged provoca el evento ItemContainerGenerator para notificar a los diseños que la colección de elementos ha cambiado.The ItemsChanged event is raised by a ItemContainerGenerator to inform layouts that the items collection has changed.

 event System::Windows::Controls::Primitives::ItemsChangedEventHandler ^ ItemsChanged;
public event System.Windows.Controls.Primitives.ItemsChangedEventHandler ItemsChanged;
member this.ItemsChanged : System.Windows.Controls.Primitives.ItemsChangedEventHandler 
Public Custom Event ItemsChanged As ItemsChangedEventHandler 
Public Event ItemsChanged As ItemsChangedEventHandler 


La colección de elementos cambia cuando se agrega, se quita o se mueve un elemento o se actualiza el ItemContainerGenerator.The items collection changes when an item is either added, removed, moved, or the ItemContainerGenerator is refreshed.

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