BindingSource.IsReadOnly BindingSource.IsReadOnly BindingSource.IsReadOnly BindingSource.IsReadOnly Property


Obtiene un valor que indica si la lista subyacente es de solo lectura.Gets a value indicating whether the underlying list is read-only.

 virtual property bool IsReadOnly { bool get(); };
public virtual bool IsReadOnly { get; }
member this.IsReadOnly : bool
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property IsReadOnly As Boolean

Valor de propiedad

true si la lista es de solo lectura; de lo contrario, false.true if the list is read-only; otherwise, false.



Una lista que es de solo lectura no permite la adición, eliminación o modificación de los elementos de lista después de crear la lista.A list that is read-only does not allow the addition, removal, or modification of any list items after the list is created.

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