DataGridCell.Equals(Object) DataGridCell.Equals(Object) DataGridCell.Equals(Object) DataGridCell.Equals(Object) Method


Obtiene un valor que indica si DataGridCell es idéntico a un segundo DataGridCell.Gets a value indicating whether the DataGridCell is identical to a second DataGridCell.

 override bool Equals(System::Object ^ o);
public override bool Equals (object o);
override this.Equals : obj -> bool
Public Overrides Function Equals (o As Object) As Boolean


Object Object Object Object

Un objeto que se va a comparar.An object you are to comparing.


true si el segundo objeto es idéntico al primero; de lo contrario, false.true if the second object is identical to the first; otherwise, false.


En el ejemplo siguiente se comparan dos DataGridCell objetos.The following example compares two DataGridCell objects.

Private Sub CompareCells()
    Dim currCell As DataGridCell
    Dim cell2 As DataGridCell
    currCell = DataGrid1.CurrentCell
    cell2.ColumnNumber = 0
    cell2.ColumnNumber = 0
    ' This won't return true until you select row 0, column 0.
 End Sub

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