Point.Addition(Point, Vector) Operator


Traslada la estructura Point especificada mediante la estructura Vector especificada y devuelve el resultado.Translates the specified Point by the specified Vector and returns the result.

 static System::Windows::Point operator +(System::Windows::Point point, System::Windows::Vector vector);
public static System.Windows.Point operator + (System.Windows.Point point, System.Windows.Vector vector);
static member ( + ) : System.Windows.Point * System.Windows.Vector -> System.Windows.Point
Public Shared Operator + (point As Point, vector As Vector) As Point



Punto que se va a trasladar.The point to translate.


Magnitud según la que se va a trasladar point.The amount by which to translate point.



Resultado de trasladar el punto especificado mediante el vector especificado.The result of translating the specified point by the specified vector.


En el ejemplo siguiente se muestra cómo agregar un Point a un Vector mediante el operador sobrecargado (+).The following example shows how to add a Point to a Vector using the overloaded (+) operator.

private Point overloadedAdditionOperatorExample()
    Point point1 = new Point(10, 5);
    Vector vector1 = new Vector(20, 30);

    // Add point to a Vector using the overloaded (+) operator.
    // pointResult is equal to (30,35).
    Point pointResult = point1 + vector1;

    return pointResult;
Private Function overloadedAdditionOperatorExample() As Point

    Dim point1 As New Point(10, 5)
    Dim vector1 As New Vector(20, 30)

    ' Add point to a Vector using the overloaded (+) operator.
    ' pointResult is equal to (30,35).
    Dim pointResult As Point = point1 + vector1

    Return pointResult

End Function

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