UIElement.OnTouchLeave(TouchEventArgs) Method


Proporciona control de clases para el evento enrutado TouchLeave que se produce cuando una entrada táctil se mueve de dentro afuera de los límites de este objeto UIElement.Provides class handling for the TouchLeave routed event that occurs when a touch moves from inside to outside the bounds of this UIElement.

 virtual void OnTouchLeave(System::Windows::Input::TouchEventArgs ^ e);
protected virtual void OnTouchLeave (System.Windows.Input.TouchEventArgs e);
abstract member OnTouchLeave : System.Windows.Input.TouchEventArgs -> unit
override this.OnTouchLeave : System.Windows.Input.TouchEventArgs -> unit
Protected Overridable Sub OnTouchLeave (e As TouchEventArgs)



TouchEventArgs que contiene los datos del evento.A TouchEventArgs that contains the event data.


El método OnTouchLeave no tiene ninguna implementación predeterminada.The OnTouchLeave method has no default implementation. Invalide OnTouchLeave en una clase derivada para controlar el evento de TouchLeave.Override OnTouchLeave in a derived class to handle the TouchLeave event. Asegúrese de llamar al método de la clase base ' OnTouchLeave para que las clases base reciban el evento.Be sure to call the base class' OnTouchLeave method so that base classes receive the event.

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