Use Statistics Manager in Skype for Business Server 2015


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Summary: Read this topic to learn how to use Skype Empresarial Server Real-Time Statistics Manager for Skype Empresarial Server 2015.

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Creating a custom chart

You can create a graph based on any data in the system. You can select data for specific servers, counters, aggregation types, and so on. To create a custom graph:

  1. Click Create a custom chart at the top right of the web page.

  2. From the Add series: Choose a Monitored Object drop down list, select a monitored object.

  3. From the Choose a category drop down list, select a category.

  4. From the Choose a counter drop down list, select a counter for the category.

  5. If applicable, choose an instance for the counter. If there is only one instance or there are no instances for a given counter, you won’t need to choose an instance.

  6. Click Add.