Interoperating with FeedSync Feeds

A synchronization provider can use the Sync Framework Web synchronization components to synchronize items that are stored in a FeedSync feed, such as an RSS or Atom feed, with other replicas in a Sync Framework synchronization community.

Interoperating with a Provider

The FeedSyncServices object (for managed code) or IFeedSyncServices interface (for unmanaged code) helps a provider interoperate with a FeedSync feed by implementing methods that parallel the methods a provider must implement. These methods can typically be called directly from the provider method, just passing along the parameters that are passed to the provider.

Building a Feed

When changes are being applied, the FeedBuilder object (for managed code) or IFeedBuilder interface (for unmanaged code) helps a provider save changes and conflicts in the FeedSync feed.

Converting IDs

To convert synchronization IDs between the provider format and the FeedSync format, the FeedIdConverter object (for managed code) or IFeedIdConverter interface (for unmanaged code) is implemented by the provider and is called by Sync Framework.

Accessing FeedSync Metadata

A provider can access metadata about the feed and about its items and their history through the FeedMetadata property (for managed code) or IFeedSyncServices::GetFeedMetadata method (for unmanaged code). This metadata contains sharing information about the feed and a collection of metadata objects that describe the items in the feed.

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