_nolock Functions

These are functions that do not perform any locking. They are provided for users requiring maximum performance. For more information, see Multithreaded Libraries Performance.

Use _nolock functions only if your program is truly single-threaded or if it does its own locking.



_fgetc_nolock, _fgetwc_nolock


_fseek_nolock, _fseeki64_nolock

_ftell_nolock, _ftelli64_nolock


_getc_nolock, _getwc_nolock

_getch_nolock, _getwch_nolock

_getchar_nolock, _getwchar_nolock

_getche_nolock, _getwche_nolock

_getdcwd_nolock, _wgetdcwd_nolock

_putc_nolock, _putwc_nolock

_putch_nolock, _putwch_nolock

_putchar_nolock, _putwchar_nolock

_ungetc_nolock, _ungetwc_nolock

_ungetch_nolock, _ungetwch_nolock

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