Lookup Document (Azure Cognitive Search REST API)

The Lookup Document operation retrieves a document from Azure Cognitive Search. This is useful when a user clicks on a specific search result, and you want to look up specific details about that document.

GET https://[service name].search.windows.net/indexes/[index name]/docs/key?[query parameters]  
api-key: [admin key]  


HTTPS is required for service requests. The Lookup Document request can be constructed as follows.

GET /indexes/[index name]/docs/[key]?[query parameters]   

Alternatively, you can use the traditional OData syntax for key lookup:

GET /indexes/[index name]/docs('[key]')?[query parameters]  

The request URI includes an [index name] and [key], specifying which document to retrieve from which index. The [key] is an Edm.String value that uniquely identifies each document in the index. You can only get one document at a time. Use Search to get multiple documents in a single request.

Query Parameters

Parameter Description
$select=[string] Optional. A list of comma-separated fields to retrieve. Only fields marked as retrievable can be included in this clause. If unspecified or set to *, all fields marked as retrievable in the schema are included in the projection.
api-version=[string] The api-version parameter is required. See API versions in Azure Cognitive Search for details. Note: For this operation, the api-version is specified as a query parameter.

Request Headers

The following table describes the required and optional request headers.

Request Header Description
api-key The api-key is used to authenticate the request to your Search service. It is a string value, unique to your service URL. The Lookup Document request can specify either an admin key or query key for the api-key.

You will also need the service name to construct the request URL. You can get the service name and api-key from your service dashboard in the Azure portal. See Create an Azure Cognitive Search service in the portal for page navigation help.

Request Body



Status Code: "200 OK" is returned for a successful response.

   field_name: field_value (fields matching the default or specified projection)   


Lookup the document that has key '2':

GET /indexes/hotels/docs/2?api-version=2019-05-06

Lookup the document that has key '3' using OData syntax:

GET /indexes/hotels/docs('3')?api-version=2019-05-06

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