Skillset operations (Azure Cognitive Search REST API)

A skillset is a collection of AI-powered algorithms, referred to as cognitive skills, used for natural language processing and other transformations on content that you are indexing in Azure Cognitive Search. A skillset can include built-in skills, custom skills, or a combination of both. Examples of built-in skills include entity recognition, key phrase extraction, chunking text into logical pages, among others.

To use the skillset, reference it in an indexer and then run the indexer to import data, invoking transformations and enrichment on in-transit data, mapping the results to output fields to an index. A skillset is high-level standalone resource that exists on a level equivalent to indexes, indexers, and data sources, but it is operational only within indexer processing. As a high-level resource, you can design a skillset once, and then reference it in multiple indexers.

Operations on skillsets

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