Azure Cognitive Search Quickstart in REST - Postman

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Demonstrates using Postman and the Azure Cognitive Search REST APIs to send requests: create an index, load it with documents, and execute a few queries. Requests are provided in the V2 collection format, which you can import and then modify for connections to your search service.

This collection is featured in the Quickstart: Create a search index in Postman using REST APIs. When you import the collection, modify the headers and URL to use your service name and API key. The index is modeled on a subset of the Hotels dataset, reduced for readability and comprehension. Index definition and documents are included in the code.


File/folder Description
Quickstart Contains AzureSearchQuickstart.postman_collection.json, which you can import into Postman
.gitignore Define what to ignore at commit time. Guidelines for contributing to the sample. This README file.
LICENSE The license for the sample.



  1. Clone or download this sample repository.
  2. Extract contents if the download is a zip file. Make sure the files are read-write.

Running quickstart

  1. Start Postman and import AzureSearchQuickstart.postman_collection.json
  2. For each request, update the Header to use the admin api-key of your service, which you can obtain from the portal.
  3. Next, update the URL of each request to use the name of your search service.
  4. Send each request to the service.

Next steps

You can learn more about Azure Cognitive Search on the official documentation site.