Azure Search Quickstart in Python

Flask sample MIT license badge

Demonstrates connecting to Azure Search, creating and loading an index consisting of fictitious hotel data, and running queries. A Jupyter Python Notebook is used to run this code. Calls to Azure Search are through the REST APIs.

This sample is a Jupyter Python3 .ipynb file used in Quickstart: Create and query an Azure Search index using a Jupyter Python notebook


File/folder Description
azure-search-quickstart.ipynb Jupyter Python notebook.
.gitignore Define what to ignore at commit time. Guidelines for contributing to the sample. This README file.
LICENSE The license for the sample.



  1. Clone or download this sample repository.
  2. Extract contents if the download is a zip file. Make sure the files are read-write.

Running the sample

  1. On the Windows Start menu, select Anaconda3, and then select Jupyter Notebook.
  2. Open the azure-search-quickstart.ipynb file in Jupyter Notebook
  3. Replace and with the service and api-key details of your Azure Search service
  4. Run each step individually

Next steps

You can learn more about Azure Search on the official documentation site.