Samples for REST APIs in Cognitive Services

This repo provides code samples for cognitive services APIs. There are sections for Language, Search, and Vision APIs using various progamming languages. Note that these are just simple wrappers to the APIs. For SDKs and SDK samples there are separate repos. You can check out all cognitive services APIs here: You can check out detailed documentation of these APIs here:


Code samples (aka API wrappers) in multiple languages. Check out for the latest and greatest version of the APIs.

Getting Started

All wrappers require at least two steps:

  1. Copy the sample in your favorite IDE.
  2. Get access key of your API and insert in the code. Build/Compile/Run your code.

You can get free access keys from here: You can buy access keys from here:


  1. Your favorite IDE.
  2. Node.js samples are for Node.js 6 version.
  3. Java samples will need JDK 7 or 8 and will require gson library in some cases.
  4. For python, you will need 3.x version.


  1. git clone
  2. cd cognitive-services-REST-api-samples
  3. Choose your language and sample and open in your favorite IDE.
  4. Insert Access Key (and other parameters as required). See Getting Started section above for info on how to get keys.
  5. Build and Run.