Samples Repository for the Cognitive Services Speech Devices Java SDK

This project hosts the samples for Cognitive Services Speech Devices SDK. The code here is for reference only. It uses certain libraries which are not hosted here. Please use the quickstart guides mentioned below to learn how to use sample code and download required library files.


This repository hosts samples that help you to get started with several features of the Speech Devices SDK. Please note the Speech Devices SDK only works with the specific devices. At this point, it only works with Roobo dev kits and Azure Kinect DK.

Getting Started

Check out the sample code walkthrough for details on how to use Azure Speech Services.

Here's how you can get the Speech Devices SDK.

The following quickstarts demonstrate how to use sample applications.

Cognitive Services Speech Devices SDK supports customized wake words for key word spotting. Check out this guide to create a customized wake words for your device.