Digital Twins Samples

License: MIT Contribute

This repo contains .NET Core samples that demonstrate how to use the Azure Digital Twins platform. Each folder contains a separate .NET Core app.

See the in each sub-folder for specific details about each app:

Get Started

  1. Install dotnet core.
  2. Clone the repo:
git clone
cd digital-twins-samples-csharp

The repo contains several standalone projects:

  • The Occupancy sample is suggested as a first example to gain familiarity with Digital Twins.
  • The Device Connectivity sample demonstrates how to connect a device to Digital Twins and submit sensory data.

For corresponding documentation, please see the project README's above.

Visual Studio Code

A workspace file containing all the apps is included for Visual Studio Code users.

Alternatively, each app can be opened individually.

Licensing and Use

Azure Digital Twins Samples are MIT Licensed.