StreamSocketListener.Control Property


Gets socket control data on a StreamSocketListener object.

 property StreamSocketListenerControl ^ Control { StreamSocketListenerControl ^ get(); };
StreamSocketListenerControl Control();
public StreamSocketListenerControl Control { get; }
var streamSocketListenerControl = streamSocketListener.control;
Public ReadOnly Property Control As StreamSocketListenerControl

Property Value


Socket control data on a StreamSocketListener object.

Windows 10 requirements

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The Control property gets the StreamSocketListenerControl instance associated with a StreamSocketListener object.

A StreamSocketListenerControl object is automatically created with the parent StreamSocketListener object. The StreamSocketListenerControl instance can then be used to get or set control data used by the StreamSocketListener object. These properties on the StreamSocketControl instance include the following:

Any changes to the StreamSocketListenerControl property values must be set before the StreamSocketListener is bound. So changes to the QualityOfService property must be set before the BindServiceNameAsync or BindEndpointAsync method is called on the StreamSocketListener.

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