Ensamblado de regla personalizada tiene recursos de XML no válidosCustom rule assembly has invalid XML resources

Esto sucede si un ensamblado de regla personalizada tiene recursos XML no válidos que describen sus reglas.This occurs if a custom rule assembly has invalid XML resources describing its rules. El formato correcto es como sigue:The correct format is as follows:

<Rules FriendlyName="Customer Rules">
  <Rule TypeName="[The unqualified type name of the rule]" Category="[A category name such as Customer.Usage]" CheckId="[An identifier for the rule that is at least unique within the same category]">
    <Name>[Localized version of the type name, this is the rule name that appears in the UI]</Name>
    <Description>[A sentence describing the rule in more detail than the name].</Description>
    <Url>[A URL pointing to a documentation or info about the rule]</Url>
    <Resolution>[Format string for rule messages].</Resolution>
    <Email>[Email Address]</Email>
    <MessageLevel Certainty="[A number from 0 to 100]">[Error or Warning]</MessageLevel>
    <FixCategories>[NonBreaking or Breaking]</FixCategories>
    <Owner>[Rule owner name or group]</Owner>

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