EcGetObjectArrayProperty function (evcoll.h)

The EcGetObjectArrayProperty function retrieves property values from a handle to an array of event source properties. The array contains property values for the event sources of a subscription.


BOOL EcGetObjectArrayProperty(
  [in]  DWORD                           ArrayIndex,
  [in]  DWORD                           Flags,
  [in]  DWORD                           PropertyValueBufferSize,
  [in]  PEC_VARIANT                     PropertyValueBuffer,
  [out] PDWORD                          PropertyValueBufferUsed


[in] ObjectArray

A handle to an array of properties for the event sources for a subscription. An array handle that is returned by the EcGetSubscriptionProperty method when the EcSubscriptionEventSources value is passed into the PropertyId parameter.

[in] PropertyId

The property identifier for properties in the array. Specify a value from the EC_SUBSCRIPTION_PROPERTY_ID enumeration. Get the Address, Enabled, UserName, and Password properties in the array by specifying the EcSubscriptionEventSourceAddress, EcSubscriptionEventSourceEnabled, EcSubscriptionEventSourceUserName, or EcSubscriptionEventSourcePassword values.

[in] ArrayIndex

The index of the array that specifies which event source to get the property from.

[in] Flags

Reserved. Must be 0.

[in] PropertyValueBufferSize

The size of the buffer that contains the value of the property. The size must be at least the size of an EC_VARIANT value.

[in] PropertyValueBuffer

The user-supplied buffer to store property value into.

[out] PropertyValueBufferUsed

The size of the user-supplied buffer that is used by the function on successful return, or the size that is necessary to store the property value when the function fails with ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER.

Return value

This function returns BOOL.


Arrays are zero-based, so the index for the first item in the array is 0.

The Password property for an event source or the subscription cannot be retrieved. For security reasons, an empty string is returned for the property value and the last error will be set to ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED.

A subscription can have multiple event sources, and each source can have an Address, Enabled, UserName, and Password property.


For example code using the EcGetObjectArrayProperty function, see Displaying the Properties of an Event Collector Subscription.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header evcoll.h
Library Wecapi.lib
DLL Wecapi.dll

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