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Channel Description How to access
Office 365 Analytics Blog Learn about the latest features and enhancements with the Workplace Analytics monthly blog. See Office 365 Workplace Analytics Blog or select Blog from the Help (?) menu in Workplace Analytics.
Workplace Analytics Support Get help with specific Workplace Analytics setup, onboarding, features and functionality, and data analysis. In Workplace Analytics, select the smiley face icon (at the top), enter your question or feedback, and then select Send.
Microsoft Support Get general help with Office 365, Azure, PowerShell, or assigning licenses and any issues with user access. See Microsoft Support.
Insights A collection of articles from the leading edge of productivity analytics. Resources to examine new technologies that are helping people and organizations better manage their time and ultimately work smarter. See Microsoft Workplace Insights.
Workplace Analytics documentation This self-service documentation set can help you with privacy considerations, setup, features and functionality, and analysis. In Workplace Analytics, if you select Help (?) > Documentation, it’ll bring you back to this documentation.
Workplace Analytics FastTrack services If your company purchases 1,000 or more licenses, you can get help from our Workplace Analytics consultants through the FastTrack program. Our team can help you implement analytics technology more quickly and build new analytical capabilities. Contact your Microsoft Customer Service representative.