Get Started with Azure for Gaming

Modern games require more powerful development tools, global and flexible multiplayer support, and new revenue models. But you’re here to build worlds, not backends. Let Azure manage your platform so you can focus on making games that make headlines.

Some advantages of building your own game services and backend from scratch include:

  • Finer control over the backend services and data that are running your game.
  • Creation of a custom solution or features to run your game that existing services do not provide.
  • Optimizing costs by paying for only what you use each month.

Reference Architectures

The reference architectures will help start you on the path of building gaming services for your game. Each architecture is composed of:

  • A highly abstract diagram showing the different pieces and how they interact with each other.
  • A deployment template and installation steps, to help you get started quickly with the implementation of the architecture.
  • A list of considerations to give you a sense of the scope of requirements covered in the architecture.
  • In most cases, a sample project, so you can quickly test the deployed infrastructure in your own Azure account.
  • A high-level step by step guide and implementation details to help you understand the sample.