In Create a build pipeline with Azure Pipelines, you created a basic but complete build configuration for an ASP.NET Core web application.

In this module, you extend this build configuration by implementing a code collaboration strategy that uses Git and GitHub.

Elite performers deploy code more frequently and experience much faster lead times than other performers. To become elite performers, developers need a way to work with source code and share their changes with others. Collaboration is a key DevOps value, and a source control system that fosters cooperation is a great DevOps tool.

Although Azure DevOps works with various kinds of source control, many developers choose Git because it's a distributed system that enables all contributors to have their own copy of the work. In this module, you use Git's branching and merging capabilities to more efficiently work with other developers. You also use GitHub, because it provides a central location for teams to host their projects and share their work.

Learning objectives

In this module, you:

  • Collaborate with others by choosing an appropriate branching and merging strategy.
  • Add a badge to your GitHub repository to show the status of the latest build.
  • Add a dashboard widget to visualize your build history.
  • Set up a rule on your GitHub repository to require a reviewer.


The modules in this learning path form a progression.

To follow the progression from the beginning, be sure to first complete the Evolve your DevOps practices learning path.

We also recommend you start at the beginning of this learning path, Build applications with Azure DevOps.

If you want to go through just this module, you need to set up a development environment on your Windows, macOS, or Linux system. You need:

You can get started with Microsoft Azure DevOps for free.

This environment lets you complete the exercises in this and future modules. You can also use it to apply your new skills to your own projects.


Keep in mind that you can use Azure DevOps to build and deploy almost any kind of application written in any language. In this module, you'll be working with a .NET Core application written in C#.

You don't need to be an expert in .NET or C# to complete this module. You can apply the patterns you learn here to your own projects that use your favorite programming languages and frameworks.

Meet the team

You met the Space Game web team at Tailspin Toys in previous modules. As a refresher, here's who you'll work with in this module.

Cartoon depiction of Andy

Andy is the development lead.

Cartoon depiction of Amita

Amita is in QA.

Cartoon depiction of Mara

Mara just joined as a developer and reports to Andy.


Mara has prior experience with DevOps and is helping the team adopt a more streamlined process that uses Azure DevOps.