Microsoft 365 solution catalog

Are you looking for a way to quickly get started with compliance tasks in Microsoft 365? Check out the Microsoft 365 solution catalog to discover, learn, and quickly get started with compliance and risk management solutions.

Compliance solutions in Microsoft 365 are collections of integrated capabilities you can use to help you manage end-to-end compliance scenarios. A solution's capabilities and tools might include a combination of policies, alerts, reports, and more.

Read this article to get acquainted with the new solution catalog in the Microsoft 365 compliance center, how to get it, frequently asked questions, and your next steps.

Catalog organization

The solution catalog is organized into sections that contain information cards for each compliance solution available in your Microsoft 365 subscription. Each section contains cards for solutions grouped by compliance area.

Microsoft 365 solution catalog home page.

When you select View for a solution card, you'll see detailed information about the compliance solution and how to get started. This information includes an overview, pre-configuration requirements, learning resources, controls that allow you to pin the card to the navigation pane, and an option to share the solution as a link, email, or Microsoft Teams message.

Microsoft 365 communication compliance solution.

Information protection & governance section

The Information protection & governance section shows you at a glance how you can use Microsoft 365 compliance solutions to protect and govern data in your organization.

Microsoft 365 solution catalog information protection and governance section.

From here, you'll see cards for the following solutions:

  • Data loss prevention: Detects sensitive content as it's used and shared throughout your organization, in the cloud and on devices, and helps prevent accidental data loss.
  • Information governance: Manages your content lifecycle using solutions to import, store, and classify business-critical data so you can keep what you need and delete what you don't.
  • Information protection: Discovers, classifies, and protects sensitive and business-critical content throughout its lifecycle across your organization.
  • Records management: Uses intelligent classification to automate and simplify the retention schedule for regulatory, legal, and business-critical records in your organization.

Insider risk management section

The Insider risk management section on the home page shows you at a glance how your organization can identify, analyze, and take action on internal risks before they cause harm.

Microsoft 365 solution catalog insider risk management section.

From here, you'll see cards for the following solutions:

  • Communication compliance: Minimizes communication risks by helping you automatically capture inappropriate messages, investigate possible policy violations, and take steps to minimize harm.
  • Insider risk management: Detect risky activity across your organization to help you quickly identify, investigate, and take action on insider risks and threats.

Discovery & response section

The Discovery & response section on the home page shows you at a glance how your organization can quickly find, investigate, and respond to compliance issues with relevant data.

Microsoft 365 solution catalog discovery and response section.

From here, you'll see cards for the following solutions:

  • Audit: Records user and admin activity from your organization so you can search the audit log and investigate a comprehensive list of activities across all locations and services.
  • Data subject requests: Finds and exports a user's personal data to help you respond to data subject requests for GDPR.
  • eDiscovery
    • Core eDiscovery: Searches across content locations to identify, preserve, and export data in response to legal discovery requests and eDiscovery cases.
    • Advanced eDiscovery: Builds on eDiscovery capabilities by providing intelligent analytics and machine learning to help you further analyze data that's relevant to discovery requests.

How do I get this?

To visit the Microsoft 365 solution catalog, go to and sign in as a global administrator, compliance administrator, or compliance data administrator. Select Catalog in the navigation pane on the left side of the screen to open the catalog home page.

Frequently asked questions

Why don't I see the Microsoft 365 solution catalog?

First, make sure that you have the appropriate licenses and permissions. Then, sign in at as a global administrator, compliance administrator, or compliance data administrator.

Next steps

  • Visit Microsoft Compliance Manager, which helps you understand your organization's state of compliance with key standards and regulations. It provides recommended actions you can take to strengthen your overall compliance posture, and provides workflow capabilities to help you efficiently carry out those actions. To learn more, see Compliance Manager.

  • Configure insider risk management policies to help minimize internal risks and enable you to detect, investigate, and take action for risky activities in your organization. See Insider risk management.

  • Learn about and create Communication compliance policies to quickly identify and remediate corporate code-of-conduct policy violations. See Communication compliance.

  • Microsoft Information Protection, learn how Microsoft 365 solutions help you discover, classify, and protect sensitive information wherever it lives or travels.

  • Visit your Microsoft 365 solution catalog often, and make sure to review new solutions to help you with your compliance needs. Sign in at and then select Catalog in the left navigation pane.