Getting started with admin training for Microsoft Teams

Use the training resources to educate yourself about Teams, teach others or run workshops. Check back here often for new content.

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Technical training

Module Video PowerPoint deck
Microsoft Mechanics - Teams Essentials for IT YouTube channel Video: Teams Essentials for IT (10:13 min)
Video: Deploy & Configure Teams - Intro (8:22 min)
Video: Security and Compliance (12:42 min)
Video: Teams Controls for Security and Compliance (10:54 min)
Foundations - Core Components Video Deck
Windows Desktop Client Video Deck
Governance, management and Lifecycle Video Deck
Security & Compliance Video Deck
Call Quality Overview Video Deck
Meetings introduction Video Deck
Media - Why meetings are simple Video Deck
Media - Media flow Video Deck
Dynamic emergency calling Video Deck
Live Events Video Deck
Phone System introduction Video Deck
Direct Routing Video 1: Planning for Direct Routing in Teams
Video 2: Configuring and Managing Direct Routing in Teams
Video 3: Migrating to Direct Routing in Teams
Upgrade from Skype for Business to Teams Video 1: Introduction to Upgrade
Video 2: Plan your upgrade
Video 3: Coexistence and Interoperability
Video 4: Administrator experience

Teams Rooms Foundations for IT & AV Pros

The following table contains links to comprehensive video training, with accompanying PowerPoint decks, on Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Module Video PowerPoint deck
Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Teams Rooms (18:29 min) Video Deck
Module 2: Microsoft Teams Networking (34:10 min) Video Deck
Module 3: Choosing the right device for the right space (18:45 min) Video Deck
Module 4: Deploying Microsoft Teams Rooms (56:36 min) Video Deck
Module 5: Configuring and starting Microsoft Teams Rooms (32:27 min) Video Deck
Module 6: Managing Microsoft Teams Rooms, Part 1 (18:31 min) Video Deck
Module 7: Managing Microsoft Teams Rooms, Part 2 (41:06 min) Video Deck
Module 8: Microsoft Teams Rooms -- Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting (18:14 min) Video Deck
One-touch Join Instructions Deck

Quick start guides