Develop a cloud adoption strategy

The cloud delivers fundamental technology benefits that can help your enterprise execute multiple business strategies. By using cloud-based approaches, you can improve business agility, reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and enable expansion into new markets. To take advantage of this great potential, start by documenting your business strategy in a way that's both understandable to cloud technicians and palatable to your business stakeholders.

Cloud adoption strategy process

The exercises in this section can help you document your business strategy efficiently. By using this approach, you can drive adoption efforts that capture targeted business value in a cross-functional model. You can then map your cloud adoption strategy to specific cloud capabilities and business strategies to reach your desired state of transformation.

To help build out your cloud adoption strategy, download the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Plan template, and then track the output of each exercise.

Next steps

Start building your cloud adoption strategy by documenting the motivations behind cloud adoption.