Why learn quantum computing?

Quantum computers are cool but why should you learn quantum computing?

In this section, we are going to give you some reasons why learning quantum computing today is a great idea.

Join the quantum revolution

Researchers have just started to envision the possibilities for future quantum technologies. Today we are witnessing the beginning of what some people call the second quantum revolution. The first revolution consisted of using quantum physics to create world-changing inventions like the laser and the transistor. In the last decade, science has started to gain control over quantum systems at the level of individual particles, opening the door to immense possibilities, most of which are yet to be discovered. Stop witnessing and start doing! Today you can start to contribute to the technology that will shape the world of tomorrow.

Solving great challenges requires diverse communities

To achieve efficient quantum computing is arguably one of the greatest challenges of our age. Its complexity lies in the fact that many different aspects need to be solved: reliable and scalable quantum hardware, efficient quantum software, robust and inexpensive error correction protocols, practical real-world applications, among many others. We need a large community of scientists, engineers, and developers working together to address these challenging problems. Forming this community requires a broad network of people from all different fields. Whatever your background, you can participate in the quantum revolution today. Everyone is welcome to jump into the quantum boat!

Get inspired by the quantum world

Even if we are still far from achieving fault-tolerant quantum computers, we are already observing some impactful consequences of quantum computing in classical computer science. In the last few years, many new algorithms were developed based on the techniques used in quantum computing. These algorithms are the so-called quantum inspired algorithms and can run on classical computers. Some examples of these algorithms are recommendation systems or genetic algorithms that perform faster than any previous classical method. By learning quantum computing, you will also discover a new way of thinking about computation that will shift your perspective on classical programming!

Quantum computing is fun!

In addition to the real-world impact discussed above, we believe quantum computing is fun. Learning quantum computing is a rewarding experience where you will come away with cutting-edge knowledge and the skills to help build the technology of the future.

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