Install required components

You can install the Microsoft Dynamics AX required components after you have installed the base components and completed the initialization checklist. The required components are included in the basic Microsoft Dynamics AX license. Required components may call for additional, dedicated servers.

The following topics are contained in this section.



Install reporting extensions

Describes how to install the Microsoft Dynamics AX reporting extensions.

Reporting extensions enable you to create production reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

Install analysis extensions

Contains information about installing the Microsoft Dynamics AX analysis extensions.

Analysis extensions enable you to use Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes and mining models for business intelligence and analytical reporting.

Install Enterprise Portal and Role Centers

Provides instructions for installing Enterprise Portal and Role Centers.

Enterprise Portal is a Web-based application that provides access to Microsoft Dynamics AX data and allows users to participate in business processes via the Web. Role Centers provide a single point of access to role-specific information and work items.

Install Workflow

Explains how to install Workflow.

Workflow enables you to create individual workflows, or business processes. A workflow defines how a document moves through the system by showing who must process and approve it.