Title-callable UI (TCUI) overview


This is preliminary documentation.

Title-callable UI (TCUI) enables your game code to call pre-defined user interface displays.

The Xbox Live TCUI supports the following:

  • Style consistent with RS5 Gamebar
  • Tailored to direct input (keyboard/mouse/touch)
  • Universal profile card across Gamebar, TCUI, Official Clubs
  • Inline messaging
  • Limited Game theming (TCUI uses TitleID to fetch existing art)
  • Advanced Game theming (Game preconfigures more extensive styling)

TCUI provides the following functions.

Function Description
ShowProfileCardForUserAsync Show me-view or you-view profile card for a specific profile.
ShowComposeInvitationForUserAsync Show list of user's friends to select as invite recipients, then send the invite. Could potentially show other lists to choose from.
ShowPeoplePickerForUserAsync Get the user to choose a set of people from a list—either their friends list or a list provided by the game. The selected list is returned to the game.
ShowChangeFriendRelationshipForUserAsync Allow the user to add/favorite/remove another profile as a friend. Can also be invoked from Profile Card.
ShowTitleAchievementsForUserAsync Show the Achievement list for a specific title. Can pivot to show Stats.
ShowFindFriendsForUserAsync Shows the Facebook friend finder list of suggested friends, where user can add as friends.
ShowCheckPrivilegeUIAsync Checks to see if the user has a specific privilege, and provides UI feedback to the user if they do not.
ShowGameInfoForUserAsync Navigates to game detail page.
ShowCustomizeUserProfileForUserAsync Navigates to an area where the user can customize their profile (full screen profile).
ShowUserSettingsForUserAsync Navigates to an area where the user can change their settings.
ShowStorageUIAsync Shows storage progress / prompts for syncing disambiguation.

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