Actions-UWPActions - UWP

Toutes les actions de la carte s’affichent en tant que boutonUWP, mais c’est à votre application de gérer ce qui se passe quand un utilisateur clique dessus (à l’exception des actions ShowCard... Pour plus d’informations, consultez l’extrait de code.Any actions within the card will render as UWP Button's, but it's up to your app to handle what happens when a user presses them (except for ShowCard actions... see code snippet for more info).

L’objet RenderedAdaptiveCard fournit un événement Action à cette fin.The RenderedAdaptiveCard object provides an Action event for this purpose.

// Render a card (as previously shown)
RenderedAdaptiveCard renderedAdaptiveCard =  renderer.RenderAdaptiveCard(card);

// ...

// Attach the event handler for action click events
renderedAdaptiveCard.Action += RenderedAdaptiveCard_Action;

private async void RenderedAdaptiveCard_Action(RenderedAdaptiveCard sender, AdaptiveActionEventArgs args)
    if (args.Action is AdaptiveOpenUrlAction openUrlAction)
        await Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(openUrlAction.Url);

    else if (args.Action is AdaptiveShowCardAction showCardAction)
        // This is only fired if, in HostConfig, you set the ShowCard ActionMode to Popup.
        // Otherwise, the renderer will automatically display the card inline without firing this event.

    else if (args.Action is AdaptiveSubmitAction submitAction)
        // Get the data and inputs
        string data = submitAction.DataJson.Stringify();
        string inputs = args.Inputs.AsJson().Stringify();

        // Process them as desired