Policy Policy Policy Class


An information policy that resides on a site, is applied to a content type, or is applied to a list.

public ref class Policy : IDisposable
public class Policy : IDisposable
Public Class Policy
Implements IDisposable


An information management policy is a set of rules for a certain type of important content. Policy enables administrators to control and evaluate who can access the information, how long to retain information, and how effectively people are complying with the policy itself.

Logically, each policy is a collection of instruction sets for one or more policy features. For each policy feature that you want to include in a policy, you include an instruction set, called a policy item, in the policy. A policy item contains the settings for only one policy feature.

For more information about information policies and policy features, see Introduction to Information Management Policy.


BlockPreview BlockPreview BlockPreview

Reserved for internal use.

Description Description Description

Gets or sets a concise description of the information management policy.

ExemptFieldInternalName ExemptFieldInternalName ExemptFieldInternalName

Reserved for internal use.

Id Id Id

Gets the GUID of the policy.

IsLocal IsLocal IsLocal

Reserved for internal use.

Items Items Items

The collection of policy items included in this information policy.

ModifiedBy ModifiedBy ModifiedBy

Gets the user name of the last person to modify this information policy.

ModifiedDate ModifiedDate ModifiedDate

Gets the time and date when this information policy was last modified.

Name Name Name

Gets or sets the policy name that is displayed in the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 interface.

Statement Statement Statement

Gets or sets the long description of the information management policy.


CanHavePolicy(SPContentType) CanHavePolicy(SPContentType) CanHavePolicy(SPContentType)

Reserved for internal use.

CreatePolicy(SPContentType, Policy) CreatePolicy(SPContentType, Policy) CreatePolicy(SPContentType, Policy)

Creates an information policy in the specified content type.

DeletePolicy(SPContentType) DeletePolicy(SPContentType) DeletePolicy(SPContentType)

Removes the information policy from the specified content type.

Dispose() Dispose() Dispose()

Reserved for internal use.

Export() Export() Export()

Creates an XML rendering of the information policy.

GetPolicy(SPContentType) GetPolicy(SPContentType) GetPolicy(SPContentType)

Gets the information policy for the specified content type.

InheritsPolicy(SPContentType) InheritsPolicy(SPContentType) InheritsPolicy(SPContentType)

Gets whether the specified content type inherits its information policy from a site policy, or has an information policy created for that content type.

IsItemExempt(SPListItem) IsItemExempt(SPListItem) IsItemExempt(SPListItem)

Gets whether the specified list item is exempt from the information policy applied to it.

ProcessChanges(SPSite) ProcessChanges(SPSite) ProcessChanges(SPSite)

Reserved for internal use.

ProcessChangesForDeletedGlobalPolicyItem(SPSite, String) ProcessChangesForDeletedGlobalPolicyItem(SPSite, String) ProcessChangesForDeletedGlobalPolicyItem(SPSite, String)

This member is reserved for internal use and is not intended to be used directly from your code.Processes policy changes for deleted site collection policies on a site for the specified policy feature.

ProcessChangesForDeletedPolicy(SPSite, SPContentType) ProcessChangesForDeletedPolicy(SPSite, SPContentType) ProcessChangesForDeletedPolicy(SPSite, SPContentType)

Reserved for internal use.

ProcessItemChangesForDeletedPolicy(SPSite, SPContentType, String) ProcessItemChangesForDeletedPolicy(SPSite, SPContentType, String) ProcessItemChangesForDeletedPolicy(SPSite, SPContentType, String)

Reserved for internal use.

RemoveExemption(SPListItem) RemoveExemption(SPListItem) RemoveExemption(SPListItem)

Removes the information policy exemption from the specified list item.

SetExemption(SPListItem) SetExemption(SPListItem) SetExemption(SPListItem)

Makes the specified list item exempt from the information policy applied to it.

Update() Update() Update()

Writes the changes made to the policy back to the SharePoint content database.

ValidateManifest(String) ValidateManifest(String) ValidateManifest(String)

Validates the specified XML information policy definition.

Extension Methods

ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object)

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