ExpirationPostActions ExpirationPostActions ExpirationPostActions Enum


Enumerates the available actions to take after the expiration action has processed the item.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class ExpirationPostActions
public enum ExpirationPostActions
Public Enum ExpirationPostActions


Audit Audit Audit 2

Represents the Audit action that is available after expiration.

Default Default Default 19

Represents the default action that is available after expiration.

Delete Delete Delete 64

Deletes the item.

ExemptFromPolicy ExemptFromPolicy ExemptFromPolicy 33

Exempts the item from policy stages.

KeepCheckedOutToSystem KeepCheckedOutToSystem KeepCheckedOutToSystem 4096

Represents the action that is required to undo a checkout before an update, and to ensure that the item is finally kept checked out.

None None None 0

Represents the option to not perform any actions after the expiration.

OnlyExempt OnlyExempt OnlyExempt 32

Represents exemption from policy.

OnlyRecalc OnlyRecalc OnlyRecalc 16

Recalculates expiration for the item.

RecalcExpirationDate RecalcExpirationDate RecalcExpirationDate 17

Represents the action to calculate the next state in the lifecycle.

Recycle Recycle Recycle 128

Represents the action to send an item to the Recycle Bin.

RefreshItem RefreshItem RefreshItem 4

Represents the action to refresh an item.

SkipSite SkipSite SkipSite 65536

Action that skips processing the rest of the site collection.

UndoCheckOutBeforeUpdate UndoCheckOutBeforeUpdate UndoCheckOutBeforeUpdate 256

Indicates whether the action allows undo checkout before updates.

Update Update Update 1

Updates the item.

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