DocumentRoutingCollisionSetting DocumentRoutingCollisionSetting DocumentRoutingCollisionSetting Enum


Specifies whether there was a collision, whether an existing file with the same file name as the document being routed at the document's final routing destination when determining the final routing destination of a document, and what the router settings say to do if there is a collision.

public enum class DocumentRoutingCollisionSetting
public enum DocumentRoutingCollisionSetting
Public Enum DocumentRoutingCollisionSetting


AppendUniqueSuffixes AppendUniqueSuffixes AppendUniqueSuffixes 2

Indicates that a document already exists at the final destination.

NoCollision NoCollision NoCollision 0

Represents that there is no document at the final destination with the specified file name.

UseSharePointVersioning UseSharePointVersioning UseSharePointVersioning 1

Represents that the document already exists at the final destination.

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