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This object, member, or enumeration is deprecated and is not intended to be used in your code. SharePoint 2013 includes the following APIs for working with feeds: .NET client, JavaScript, REST, and server. See Work with social feeds in SharePoint 2013 to choose the API for your specific feed-related programming tasks. Represents a list of Link objects, and information for displaying them in a syndication feed.

public ref class List
public class List
Public Class List


The List property of ActivityTemplateVariable is a List object.

This object matches with the Syndication SyndicationItem ActivityTemplateVariable.


List() List() List()

Creates an instance of a List object.


Items Items Items

Gets a list containing the Link objects stored in this object.

Separator Separator Separator

Gets or sets a string value that should be used to separate items in the feed display.

Size Size Size

Gets or sets a value indicating the size of the list.


ListToString(ContentType, CultureInfo) ListToString(ContentType, CultureInfo) ListToString(ContentType, CultureInfo)

Converts the list of Link objects into a string.

Extension Methods

ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object)

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