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This object, member, or enumeration is deprecated and is not intended to be used in your code. SharePoint 2013 includes the following APIs for working with feeds: .NET client, JavaScript, REST, and server. See Work with social feeds in SharePoint 2013 to choose the API for your specific feed-related programming tasks. Contains the minimum amount of information required to create a SyndicationPerson.

public ref class MinimalPerson
public class MinimalPerson
type MinimalPerson = class
Public Class MinimalPerson


This object translates the concept of an Entity into that of a SyndicationPerson.


MinimalPerson(UserProfile) MinimalPerson(UserProfile) MinimalPerson(UserProfile) MinimalPerson(UserProfile)

Creates a MinimalPerson object from the specified UserProfile object.


AccountName AccountName AccountName AccountName

Gets a string value representing the account name of this MinimalPerson object.

ColleagueRecordId ColleagueRecordId ColleagueRecordId ColleagueRecordId

Gets an identifier for the list of people who will choose to consume the published events of this MinimalPerson object.

Email Email Email Email

Gets a string representing the e-mail address of this MinimalPerson object.

ItemSecurity ItemSecurity ItemSecurity ItemSecurity

Gets a value indicating the security level of the published events of this MinimalPerson object.

PartitionId PartitionId PartitionId PartitionId

Gets a value that identifies the data partition for this MinimalPerson object.

PictureUri PictureUri PictureUri PictureUri

Gets or sets a URL pointing to a picture for this MinimalPerson object.

PreferredName PreferredName PreferredName PreferredName

Gets a string value representing the preferred name of this MinimalPerson.

RecordId RecordId RecordId RecordId

Gets a record identifier for this MinimalPerson object.


CreateEntity(ActivityManager) CreateEntity(ActivityManager) CreateEntity(ActivityManager) CreateEntity(ActivityManager)

Converts this MinimalPerson into an Entity.

Extension Methods

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