AudienceSiteCollection.GetEnumerator AudienceSiteCollection.GetEnumerator AudienceSiteCollection.GetEnumerator Method


Returns an enumerator that can iterate through the AudienceSiteCollection object.

 virtual System::Collections::IEnumerator ^ GetEnumerator();
public System.Collections.IEnumerator GetEnumerator ();
Public Function GetEnumerator () As IEnumerator

System.Collections.IEnumerator. Object that represents an enumerator that can be used to iterate through the collection.


The enumerator returned by the GetEnumerator method does not have exclusive access to the collection; therefore, enumerating through a collection is intrinsically not a thread-safe procedure. Even when a collection is synchronized, other threads can still modify the collection, which causes the enumerator to throw an exception. To ensure thread safety during enumeration, you can either lock the collection during the entire enumeration or catch the exceptions resulting from changes made by other threads.

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