Case Case Case Class


Represents an eDiscovery case.

public ref class Case
[Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientCallableType(ClientLibraryTargets=Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientLibraryTargets.NonRESTful, ServerTypeId="DF6AC2D8-CD50-4CF4-BC52-F61766F2E005")]
public class Case
Public Class Case


Case(SPWeb) Case(SPWeb) Case(SPWeb)

Initializes a new instance of a Case object by using a specific Microsoft.SharePoint.Web.SPWeb object.


CanonicalId CanonicalId CanonicalId

Gets a string that represents the canonical ID that is used by the client API.

CaseClosed CaseClosed CaseClosed

Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the eDiscovery case is closed.

ClosedDate ClosedDate ClosedDate

Gets the date when the eDiscovery case was closed.

ConsoleId ConsoleId ConsoleId

Gets the SPSite ID of the eDiscovery console.

Custodians Custodians Custodians

Gets a list of custodians in this eDiscovery case.

Exports Exports Exports

Gets all export objects in this eDiscovery case.

Id Id Id

Gets the SPWeb ID of the eDiscovery case.

SavedSearches SavedSearches SavedSearches

Gets all queries in this eDiscovery case.

SourceGroups SourceGroups SourceGroups

Gets all source groups in this eDiscovery case.

Sources Sources Sources

Gets a list of sources in this eDiscovery case.


CloseCase() CloseCase() CloseCase()

Closes an eDiscovery case.

CloseCase(DateTime) CloseCase(DateTime) CloseCase(DateTime)

Closes an eDiscovery case, specifying the close date and time.

CreateCustodian() CreateCustodian() CreateCustodian()

Creates a new Custodian object in the eDiscovery case.

CreateExport() CreateExport() CreateExport()

Creates a new Export object in the eDiscovery case.

CreateExport(Boolean, Boolean, Boolean) CreateExport(Boolean, Boolean, Boolean) CreateExport(Boolean, Boolean, Boolean)

Creates a new Export object.

CreateLocation() CreateLocation() CreateLocation()

Creates a new location in the eDiscovery case.

CreateMailbox() CreateMailbox() CreateMailbox()

Creates a new mailbox in the eDiscovery case.

CreateSavedSearch() CreateSavedSearch() CreateSavedSearch()

Creates a new SavedSearch object in the eDiscovery case.

CreateSourceGroup() CreateSourceGroup() CreateSourceGroup()

Creates a new SourceGroup object in the eDiscovery case.

GetExportContent(List<Int32>) GetExportContent(List<Int32>) GetExportContent(List<Int32>)

Produces an export configuration for the specified IDs.

Extension Methods

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