SourceValidation SourceValidation SourceValidation Class


Provides a container for data about whether a source is valid.

public ref class SourceValidation
public class SourceValidation
Public Class SourceValidation


SourceValidation() SourceValidation() SourceValidation()

Initializes a new instance of an empty SourceValidation object.


ContainerId ContainerId ContainerId

Gets and sets the ID of a SourceValidation object.

DisplayId DisplayId DisplayId

Gets and sets the ID to be shown in a user interface.

ExternalEndPoint ExternalEndPoint ExternalEndPoint

Gets and sets the URL of a mailbox web service.

ExternalFederationId ExternalFederationId ExternalFederationId

Reserved for future use.

FederationId FederationId FederationId

Gets and sets the ID of a search result source that this source is from.

InputText InputText InputText

Gets and sets the text that was used to validate the source.

IsLocation IsLocation IsLocation

Gets or sets whether the SourceValidation object is a location or a mailbox.

IsMembershipGroup IsMembershipGroup IsMembershipGroup

Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the mailbox is a distribution list.

IsTopLevelSiteCollection IsTopLevelSiteCollection IsTopLevelSiteCollection

Gets or sets a value that determines whether the location is the root web of a site collection.

IsValid IsValid IsValid

Gets or sets a value that specifies if a SourceValidation object is valid or invalid.

Query Query Query

Reserved for future use.

SiteId SiteId SiteId

Gets and sets the ID of an SPSite object for a SourceValidation object.

SmtpAddress SmtpAddress SmtpAddress

Gets and sets the SMTP address of a mailbox.

SourceType SourceType SourceType

Gets and sets a SourceType object.

Title Title Title

Gets and sets the display name of a SourceValidation object.

ValidationText ValidationText ValidationText

Gets and sets the text to be displayed after validation occurs.

WebId WebId WebId

Gets and sets the ID of an SPWeb object for a SourceValidation object.

Extension Methods

ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object)

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