IPrivacyPolicyItem IPrivacyPolicyItem IPrivacyPolicyItem IPrivacyPolicyItem Interface


Specifies the interface that a class must implement to get information about the privacy policy of an item.

public interface class IPrivacyPolicyItem
public interface IPrivacyPolicyItem
type IPrivacyPolicyItem = interface
Public Interface IPrivacyPolicyItem


The privacy policy specifies whether providing a value for a property is mandatory, disabled, or optional. Privacy policy is applicable only to user profile properties.

For more information about privacy policies, see Privacy Policies and Writing Policy-Compliant Code. For a code example about how to set the privacy policy of a property, see How to: Set Privacy Policies for User Profile Properties.


AllowPolicyOverride AllowPolicyOverride AllowPolicyOverride AllowPolicyOverride

Returns a Boolean value that specifies whether a privacy policy for an item is allowed to be overridden.

DefaultPrivacy DefaultPrivacy DefaultPrivacy DefaultPrivacy

Gets and sets the default privacy policy for the privacy policy item.

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets the display name of the privacy policy item.

PrivacyPolicy PrivacyPolicy PrivacyPolicy PrivacyPolicy

Gets or sets the privacy policy.

UserOverridePrivacy UserOverridePrivacy UserOverridePrivacy UserOverridePrivacy

Returns a Boolean value that specifies whether a user can change the privacy level to a level that is different than the default privacy policy level.


Commit() Commit() Commit() Commit()

Commits changes made to a privacy policy item.

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