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This API is now obsolete.

Represents an organization.

public ref class OrganizationProfile : Microsoft::Office::Server::UserProfiles::ProfileBase
[System.Obsolete("This class is no longer supported.")]
public class OrganizationProfile : Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.ProfileBase
Public Class OrganizationProfile
Inherits ProfileBase


The Commit method must be called whenever a property of this class is changed, or all changes will be lost.


CurrentChangeToken CurrentChangeToken CurrentChangeToken

Gets the current UserProfileChangeToken object for the change logs of this profile's ProfileType.

(Inherited from ProfileBase)
DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets or sets the display name of the organization.

HasChildren HasChildren HasChildren

Gets a Boolean value indicating whether this OrganizationProfile object has at least one child.


Gets the GUID that uniquely identifies this OrganizationProfile object.

IsValid IsValid IsValid

Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether this OrganizationProfile object is valid.

Item[String] Item[String] Item[String]

Returns the organization property values of the specified property.

MembersCount MembersCount MembersCount

Gets a count of members in the organization.

OrganizationProfileManager OrganizationProfileManager OrganizationProfileManager

Gets the OrganizationProfileManager object that created this OrganizationProfile object.

Parent Parent Parent

Gets or sets the parent of this organization.

ProfileManagerBase ProfileManagerBase ProfileManagerBase
ProfileSubtype ProfileSubtype ProfileSubtype

Gets or sets the profile subtype for this property.

(Inherited from ProfileBase)
ProfileSubtypeId ProfileSubtypeId ProfileSubtypeId

Gets or sets the profile subtype ID.

(Inherited from ProfileBase)
ProfileType ProfileType ProfileType
Properties Properties Properties

Gets the ProfileSubtypePropertyManager object for this profile.

(Inherited from ProfileBase)
PublicOrganizationViewUrl PublicOrganizationViewUrl PublicOrganizationViewUrl

Gets the URL of the organization view page for this profile.

(Inherited from ProfileBase)
PublicUrl PublicUrl PublicUrl
RecordId RecordId RecordId

Gets the profile's record identifier.

(Inherited from ProfileBase)
ViewerRights ViewerRights ViewerRights

Returns a bitmask of the viewer's rights to see this profile's data.

(Inherited from ProfileBase)


AddMember(Int64, OrganizationMembershipType) AddMember(Int64, OrganizationMembershipType) AddMember(Int64, OrganizationMembershipType)

Adds the specified user profile to this OrganizationProfile object.

AddMember(String, OrganizationMembershipType) AddMember(String, OrganizationMembershipType) AddMember(String, OrganizationMembershipType)

Adds the specified user profile to this OrganizationProfile object.

Commit() Commit() Commit()

Commits any changes of property values to the data store.

Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Determines whether the specified object is identical to the current profile.

(Inherited from ProfileBase)
GetAncestors() GetAncestors() GetAncestors()

Gets every OrganizationProfile object in the management chain of this OrganizationProfile.

GetChanges() GetChanges() GetChanges()

Gets all changes associated with this OrganizationProfile object.

GetChanges(ProfileBaseChangeQuery) GetChanges(ProfileBaseChangeQuery) GetChanges(ProfileBaseChangeQuery)

Returns changes defined by the specified change query that have been made to this organization profile and recorded in the change log.

GetChanges(UserProfileChangeToken) GetChanges(UserProfileChangeToken) GetChanges(UserProfileChangeToken)

Returns changes at a specified location in the change log that have been made to this organization profile and recorded in the change log.

GetChildren() GetChildren() GetChildren()

Gets every OrganizationProfile object that is a child of this OrganizationProfile.

GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

Returns the hash code for the unique identifier of this profile.

(Inherited from ProfileBase)
GetImmediateMembers() GetImmediateMembers() GetImmediateMembers()

Gets all of the immediate members of this organization.

GetLeaders() GetLeaders() GetLeaders()

Gets all the leaders of this organization.

GetProfileValueCollection(String) GetProfileValueCollection(String) GetProfileValueCollection(String)

Gets all the organization profile values for the specified organization property.

GetSiblings() GetSiblings() GetSiblings()

Gets ever sibling OrganizationProfile object of this OrganizationProfile.

GetUsers(OrganizationMembershipType) GetUsers(OrganizationMembershipType) GetUsers(OrganizationMembershipType)

Gets all members of this organization whose membership type matches the specified Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.OrganizationMembershipType.

GetViewerRights() GetViewerRights() GetViewerRights()

Returns a bitmask of the viewer's rights to see the data of this organization profile.

IsProfileOwner(UserProfile) IsProfileOwner(UserProfile) IsProfileOwner(UserProfile)

Gets a Boolean value indicating whether the specified user is an owner of this OrganizationProfile.

RemoveMember(Int64) RemoveMember(Int64) RemoveMember(Int64)

Removes the specified user from the membership of this OrganizationProfile object.

RemoveMember(String) RemoveMember(String) RemoveMember(String)

Removes the specified user from the membership of this OrganizationProfile object.


Gets the profile's unique identifier.

(Inherited from ProfileBase)

Extension Methods

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