PeopleManager PeopleManager PeopleManager Class


Represents the primary class for operations related to people.

public ref class PeopleManager
public class PeopleManager
Public Class PeopleManager


PeopleManager() PeopleManager() PeopleManager()

Initializes a new instance of the PeopleManager class.


EditProfileLink EditProfileLink EditProfileLink

Gets the URL of the edit profile page.

IsMyPeopleListPublic IsMyPeopleListPublic IsMyPeopleListPublic

Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the user's People I'm Following list is public.

MyFollowingCount MyFollowingCount MyFollowingCount

Gets the number of people who the current user is following.


AmIFollowedBy(String) AmIFollowedBy(String) AmIFollowedBy(String)

Checks whether the specified user is following the current user.

AmIFollowing(String) AmIFollowing(String) AmIFollowing(String)

Checks whether the current user is following the specified user.

Follow(String) Follow(String) Follow(String)

Have the current user start following the specified user.

FollowTag(Guid) FollowTag(Guid) FollowTag(Guid)

Have the current user start following the specified tag.

GetFollowedTags(Int32) GetFollowedTags(Int32) GetFollowedTags(Int32)

Gets tags that the user is following.

GetFollowersFor(String) GetFollowersFor(String) GetFollowersFor(String)

Gets the people who are following the specified user.

GetMyFollowers() GetMyFollowers() GetMyFollowers()

Gets the people who are following the current user.

GetMyProperties() GetMyProperties() GetMyProperties()

Gets user properties for the current user.

GetMySuggestions() GetMySuggestions() GetMySuggestions()

Gets suggestions for who the current user might want to follow.

GetPeopleFollowedBy(String) GetPeopleFollowedBy(String) GetPeopleFollowedBy(String)

Gets the people who the specified user is following.

GetPeopleFollowedByMe() GetPeopleFollowedByMe() GetPeopleFollowedByMe()

Gets the set of people who the current user is following.

GetPropertiesFor(String) GetPropertiesFor(String) GetPropertiesFor(String)

Gets user properties for the specified user.

GetTrendingTags() GetTrendingTags() GetTrendingTags()

Gets the most popular tags.

GetUserProfilePropertiesFor(UserProfilePropertiesForUser) GetUserProfilePropertiesFor(UserProfilePropertiesForUser) GetUserProfilePropertiesFor(UserProfilePropertiesForUser)

Gets the specified user profile properties for the specified user.

GetUserProfilePropertyFor(String, String) GetUserProfilePropertyFor(String, String) GetUserProfilePropertyFor(String, String)

Gets a user profile property for the specified user.

HideSuggestion(String) HideSuggestion(String) HideSuggestion(String)

Removes the specified user from the user's list of suggested people to follow.

IsFollowing(String, String) IsFollowing(String, String) IsFollowing(String, String)

Checks whether the first user is following the second user.

LoadData(String, PeopleDataTypes) LoadData(String, PeopleDataTypes) LoadData(String, PeopleDataTypes)

Loads the specified Following data for the specifed user.

LoadMyData(PeopleDataTypes) LoadMyData(PeopleDataTypes) LoadMyData(PeopleDataTypes)

Loads the specified Following data for the current user.

SetMyProfilePicture(Stream) SetMyProfilePicture(Stream) SetMyProfilePicture(Stream)

Uploads and sets the user profile picture.

StopFollowing(String) StopFollowing(String) StopFollowing(String)

Have the current user stop following the specified user.

StopFollowingTag(Guid) StopFollowingTag(Guid) StopFollowingTag(Guid)

Have the current user stop following the specified tag.

Extension Methods

ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object)

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