PersonProperties PersonProperties PersonProperties Class


Represents user properties.

public ref class PersonProperties
[Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientCallableType(FactoryType=typeof(Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.Client.PersonPropertiesObjectFactory), ObjectIdentityPropertyName="CanonicalId", ServerTypeId="9A467BF8-BBFB-4A76-9C41-0753ECF7218F")]
public class PersonProperties
Public Class PersonProperties


AccountName AccountName AccountName

Gets the user's account name, usually in the format domain\alias.

CanonicalId CanonicalId CanonicalId

Gets the user's canonical ID.

DirectReports DirectReports DirectReports

Gets the account names of the user's direct reports.

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets the user's display name.

Email Email Email

Gets the user's email address.

ExtendedManagers ExtendedManagers ExtendedManagers

Gets the account names of the user's manager hierarchy.

ExtendedReports ExtendedReports ExtendedReports

Gets the account names of the user's extended reports.

IsFollowed IsFollowed IsFollowed

Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the user is being followed by the current user.

LatestPost LatestPost LatestPost

Gets the user's latest microblog post.

Peers Peers Peers

Gets the account names of the user's peers.

PersonalUrl PersonalUrl PersonalUrl

Gets the absolute URL of the user's personal site.

PictureUrl PictureUrl PictureUrl

Gets the URL of the user's profile picture.

Title Title Title

Gets the user's title.

UserProfileProperties UserProfileProperties UserProfileProperties

Gets the user profile properties for the user.

UserUrl UserUrl UserUrl

Gets the URL of the user's profile page.

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